What new retail would you most like to see in Spruce Hill?

By Lee Huang, Chair, Business Attraction Committee

Retail is an important part of a neighborhood’s sense of vitality, safety, and identity.  Where people choose to shop is, of course, a personal decision, as is where merchants choose to locate, what they choose to sell, and how they choose to keep up their storefronts.  However, we make better choices when we are better informed: about what’s out there to buy, about what people want to buy, and about how our choices have an impact on others and on the neighborhood and world in which we live.

The Spruce Hill Community Association (SHCA) Business Association Committee ( BAC ) was formed this year to do three things in support of SHCA’s efforts to improve the quality of life in our neighborhood.

  • First, we try to keep an ear to the pulse of what the neighborhood wants and doesn’t want in terms of storefronts.
  • Second, we seek to be a point of contact for developers, landlords, and businesses who want to know what the neighborhood thinks and wants.
  • Third, we actively network with other neighborhood-serving groups that are trying to do the same kinds of things.

One of our first official actions is to conduct a survey of retail preferences.  You can complete this 10-question survey online or email [email protected] to request a copy.  Please participate so we can best understand your interests and opinions. And please consider joining SHCA and/or BAC if you are interested in helping out on this issue.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.