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SHCA Board

Committees | Contact The SHCA is governed by a five member Executive Board and a 20 member Board of Directors.  
Executive Board 2015 Email Address
Eric Santoro, President [email protected]
Monica Calkins, Executive VP [email protected]
Mark Wagenveld, VP for Operations [email protected]
Andrew Richman, Treasurer [email protected]
McCarty, Mary Ellen, Secretary [email protected]
Board of Directors 2015
Veronica Alvarez
Pauline Borkon [email protected]
Alexa Bosse [email protected]
Julie Bush [email protected]
Tyree Carr [email protected]
Brett Feldman  [email protected]
Barry Grossbach [email protected]
Rich Guffanti [email protected]
Ed Halligan [email protected]
Sylvia Hamerman-Brown [email protected]
Laura Line [email protected]
Brennan Maier [email protected]
Vicki McGarvey [email protected]
Richard Moore  [email protected]
Elaine Nelson
John Potter [email protected]
Libby Rosof [email protected]
Craig Santoro [email protected]
Jackie Waiters