Historic Preservation Committee

  • Chair:  Jenine Sanzari & Justin McDaniel
  • Members: Sylvia Hamerman-Brown & Julie Bush
  • The Historic Preservation Committee is open to all laypeople and professionals that support historic preservation of buildings and historic sites in one of the country’s first cities and particularly in Spruce Hill, which was built as a streetcar suburb for Center City in the second half of the 1800’s. Beyond protecting aesthetic and artistic architecture from the past, historic preservation maintains ancestry and cultural values that are priceless and provide a sense of community. Responsibilities of this committee are to provide public awareness and to promote appreciation and benefits that historic preservation has in an evolving urban community such as Spruce Hill.

    The Spruce Hill Historic Preservation Committee is exploring nomination for the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places.

  • To view commonly asked questions on what it means to be listed as a local historic district on the Philadelphia Historic Register, click here.
  • To view the Historic District Informational Panel Session (SHCA Annual Meeting & Elections, Nov 15, 2022), click here.