Business Attraction Committee

The mission of the SHCA Business Attraction Committee is to support a vibrant business environment that enhances the quality of life of Spruce Hill residents. In 2013, this committee was established to play a proactive role in shaping new neighborhood businesses. The committee’s activities include conducting community surveys, coordinating with landlords and real estate agents, identifying and communicating with prospective businesses, and welcoming new businesses to the neighborhood. The committee’s first initiative was to conduct a neighborhood survey of retail preferences, the details of which can be found below. Chair: Jon Potter The Business Attraction Committee is actively seeking new members. If you are interested in learning more, please contact [email protected] Survey of Retail Preferences – Full Report

Report highlights:

  • Most-requested retail categories: Clothing, Garden center, Art supplies
  • Most-requested restaurant categories: Ethnic, Brewpub, Breakfast/Brunch
  • Respondents most averse to: Chain stores, Bars, Fast Food, Pharmacies
  • Most-favorited sites: 1. Honest Tom’s 2. Local 44 3. Lil’ Pop Shop 4. Tampopo 5. Mariposa 6. Green Line Café
  • Most-favorited areas: 44th St. between Locust & Spruce Baltimore Ave. between 45th & 50th 45th St. between Walnut & Locust 40th St. between Chestnut & Locust
  • Should we be a regional destination? 76% of respondents were favorable about the neighborhood being a regional destination, especially as is expressed the following characteristics: Locally-owned, Walkable, and Family-friendly.