Zoning Committee Membership Criteria

  1. members should be added on a “need to” basis in order to have a working committee sufficiently schooled in zoning code issues that frequently arise in Spruce Hill
  2. membership should be distributed geographically
  3. members should be added who can bring particular skills needed in dealing with the “particulars” of zoning issues (architects, attorneys with real-estate expertise, urban planners, representatives of areas with problems related to zoning, etc).
  4. members should demonstrate an ability to work well with others and exhibit the necessary discretion in order to retain the confidence of both the applicant and the community the committee represents
  5. members must be conscious of any apparent “conflicts of interest” and recuse themselves from particular cases should such conflicts arise
  6. members agree to abide by majority decisions reached by the committee after discussion and deliberation
  7. members of the committee are members in good standing in the Spruce Hill Community Association and are supportive of the Association’s general mission and objectives