Survey of Retail Preferences

In Fall 2013, the Spruce Hill Community Association (SHCA) Business Association Committee (BAC) conducted a survey of retail preferences. Almost 500 residents responded, demonstrating the importance of retail to a neighborhood’s sense of vitality, safety, and identity, and yielding a trove of information that will be useful to residents, community groups, businesses, developers, and policymakers alike. Here are some highlights: Most-requested retail categories:
Clothing, Garden center, Art supplies
Most-requested restaurant categories:
Ethnic, Brewpub, Breakfast/Brunch
Respondents most averse to: Chain stores, Bars, Fast Food, Pharmacies Most-favorited sites:
1. Honest Tom’s
2. Local 44
3. Lil’ Pop Shop
4. Tampopo
5. Mariposa
6. Green Line Café
Most-favorited areas:
44th St. between Locust & Spruce
Baltimore Ave. between 45th & 50th
45th St. between Walnut & Locust
40th St. between Chestnut & Locust
Should we be a regional destination?
76 percent of respondents were favorable about the neighborhood being a regional destination, especially as is expressed the following characteristics:
Locally-owned, Walkable, and Family-friendly. Click here for the Full Report

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