The Bird Sanctuary Committee was formed to help maintain the Bird Sanctuary. These responsibilities include:

  • Development – In order to supplement the annual budget given to us by SHCA, we must raise money. Our annual spending varies from year to year, but is generally between $1,000 and $2,000. We purchase birdseed,maintenance materials such as hoses, sprinklers, and feeders, plant material, and permanent improvements such as the compost pile, signage, stairs and the stair handrail. Fund raising includes everything from specific monetary requests to developing a Bird Sanctuary Milk Shake sold at Ben & Jerry’s for a month, with profits being donated to the Bird Sanctuary. We are always looking for new fund raising opportunities.
  • Bird-Related Maintenance – Volunteers feed the birds 10 months of the year, including daily feedings during the winter. In order to be a designated Audubon Bird Sanctuary, we must maintain a clean water source, preferably with running water. We also install and maintain nesting houses.
  • General and Plant-Related Maintenance – Volunteers constantly weed the Bird Sanctuary throughout the summer. Volunteers also water the plants at least 2 times a week during the summer months, sometimes more frequently when it is not raining. Mulch and compost are placed around the plants and on the paths as needed.
  • Spring and/or Fall Cleanup and Planting – The Committee organizes annual Spring or Fall Cleanups based on the needs of the Sanctuary. At these cleanups, annual maintenance takes place such as watering, and weeding, but we also plant new native plants and make any permanent improvements needed. Cleanups typically attract around 25 volunteers. Food is provided and activities for children are provided.
  • Education – The Bird Sanctuary has hosted local school classes, and scout troops. Children learn about the history of the Sanctuary, the native plants and their benefit to birds, and the various bird species seen in the Sanctuary. As of 2015, 16 different species have been sighted.

  Goals for the Committee include:

  • Obtain a North American Butterfly Certification.
  • Install a solar powered recirculating water fountain for the birds.
  • Produce a plant database identifying the location of plants within the sanctuary and how they are beneficial to birds.
  • Plant two trees.

If you are interested in joining the Bird Sanctuary Committee or volunteering in the Bird Sanctuary, please contact Karen Redrobe,  [email protected]. For additional information on the history of the Sanctuary, see Bird Sanctuary Information Page.