2020 Annual Meeting

The Spruce Hill Community Association (SHCA) will hold its annual meeting on Tuesday, November 10, at 7:30 PM via Zoom. At the annual meeting, we elect officers and board members and invite guests to talk about important community issues. The event is free and all community members are invited to attend, learn more about the organization, and get involved. If you plan to join the meeting please register online to obtain the Zoom link. 

This year’s meeting will feature Penn Alexander Principal Lauren Overton, who joined the school this year as the newest Principal. She’ll be sharing her perspectives and long-term plans for the school. 

Along with annual committee reports, elections will be held for SHCA officers and board members. The nominating committee’s slate is running unopposed. Officers running for returning one-year terms include Monica Calkins for executive vice president, Veronica Alvarez for vice president (operations), Leslie Medley for secretary, and Andrew Richman for treasurer. Richard Moore will be running for the position of President this year, and 10 returning board members will also be elected.